The best vertical farming technology : Aeroponic Towers

ERRA uses aeroponic tower aeroponic technology for vertical farming of all kinds of vegetables, fruits and aromatics in a simple and efficient way, through indoor or outdoor spaces.

My goal is to extend the greening movement in urban areas through the installation of innovative vertical cropping systems across the territory by greening businesses, restaurants, schools, individuals, and communities.


Tour de culture erra hydroponie le havre


For companies

Beautify the work environment of your teams. Integrate hydroponics and growing systems into your CSR initiatives.

For communities

Initiate an ecological awareness process. Offer sustainable food to residents.

For individuals

Grow healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables right in your home with a grow tower. The towers are very easy to learn.

For schools

A plant-based learning experience to develop students' curiosity and environmental education.

An innovative and ecological tool

ERRA highlights the value of hydroponics and aeroponics to provide a cleaner, easier and more efficient way to grow fresh and healthy food. This innovative technology is the perfect solution for easy growing at home or in an urban environment while using 90% less space and saving up to 98% water compared to crops in the ground.


Why grow vertically?


Grow everywhere

Soil erosion and increasing urbanization are accelerating the scarcity of agricultural land needed for food production. Soil artificialization is progressing steadily in France at an average rate of 60,000 ha per year. The Tower Garden allows you to grow anywhere, using 90% less space than conventional farming.


Healthy crops

A study conducted in the United States on aeroponics showed that plants grow up to 3 times faster in these growing systems than in the ground. In addition to this, plants grown in aeroponic systems have also been shown to absorb more minerals and vitamins, resulting in healthier and more nutritious crops. Generally speaking, hydroponic crops are healthier.


Water savings

Conventional agriculture consumes around 80% of our world global water use. This is an extremely serious water problem for years and decades to come, water will become a scarce commodity. According to the same study, aeroponic systems use up to 98% less water than conventional farming methods. The permanent control of this resource makes it possible to preserve it as well as possible.


High yield

A study conducted by the University of Mississippi compared the yield between aeroponic crops and in-ground crops. Their researchers found that yields of plants grown with aeroponic technology were 30% higher on average. This is because plants have constant and easy access to the nutrients they need to thrive.


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