The company


ERRA was founded in January 2020 to innovate and pioneer the future of agriculture. I want to participate in sustainable development and improve the health of individuals through an innovative form of agriculture: hydroponics. My job is to provide access to locally grown healthy fruits and vegetables, to reconnect people to nature and to transmit values of environmental protection. My mission is to participate in local agricultural production in urban settings, inspiring people and different communities to grow their own fresh produce in a cleaner, simpler and more efficient way thanks to the Tower Garden.

Based in Le Havre, ERRA offers a wide variety of urban agriculture services, including the planning, management, maintenance of these vegetated sites and the promotion of hydroponics and its benefits.

In partnership with Tower Garden and Agrotonomy, I use aeroponic grow tower technology to grow fruits, vegetables and aromatics on any enclosed indoor or outdoor space.


The company


ERRA engages in:

The transformation of the agricultural world by providing an innovative, urban and local production solution.

The sustainable development of territories through installing aeroponic towers in abandoned or unvalued spaces.

The relocation of a small part of food production to the heart of cities and territories, to meet the growing needs of a demand for local and healthy products.

Supporting companies for new CSR projects.


I have always had a passion for plants, so I started an apprenticeship in horticulture. From 2015 to 2017 I worked in two organic market gardening farms, one mechanized and the other in agroecology.

In 2017 I decided to embark on entrepreneurship by creating my organic market gardening operation near Le Havre.

Following the success of this project, at the beginning of 2020 I launched a new activity of revegetation of urban environments in hydroponics, by creating the company ERRA.