Grow at home with

Aeroponic Tower

Tour de culture hydroponique intérieur terrasse jardin

Grow your fruits and vegetables at home with the Aeroponic Tower!

Grow 30% more fruits and vegetables, 3 times faster and with 98% less water.

Good health starts with good eating habits. Aeroponic towers allow you to easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables at home. The aeroponic tower is the ideal tool for growing on your balcony, terrace or in your garden all year round!

Don't have a green thumb? No problem

Why should you use aeroponic tower technology over another growing method? Why not just plant a few seeds in a vegetable bed? The benefits of grow towers can be summarized in three aspects: healthier, easier and more sustainable.


Healthier: consume fresh products

Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health. It's even more rewarding when you're the one who grew them! Aeroponic towers allow you to affordably grow your own production in a healthy and sustainable way. The nutrient content of fruits and vegetables grown in towers is greater than conventional vegetables sold in most shops.

The fruits and vegetables you grow will not have traveled hundreds of kilometers before arriving on your plate and will not have been treated with pesticides or herbicides. Thanks to the aeroponic towers, you will be able to grow ultra fresh, nutritious products that you will harvest when ripe.

Tour de culture hydroponie aquaponie
Hydroponie maison tour de culture

Easier: a tool adapted to all profiles

You may have already tried gardening in vegetable beds or planters without satisfactory results. Respect watering, weeding, avoid pests, many parameters in the ground can be complicated to manage. With aeroponic towers, you don't need prior gardening experience. All you need to get started is light, electricity, water, about 30 minutes of work per week and one square meter of surface. 

Aeroponic towers completely eliminate the need for digging, weeding, plowing, watering, kneeling, making them simple and easy to maintain. The towers adapt to almost any space. Terraces, verandas, balconies, roofs, living rooms, kitchens etc… Grow towers are delivered with all the equipment you need, as well as installation and user instructions.

More sustainable : ecological growing technology

Growing a garden in the ground is a significant investment of time and money. You will need to invest in compost, fertilizers, pest control solutions, irrigation systems, as well as tools, gloves, shovels, hoses etc.

The investment in a tower is quite significant as well. See it as an investment for your health, which you will keep for life, and which pays for itself very quickly from the first growing seasons. It is a very interesting tool from an environmental and economic point of view. The carbon footprint of your crops will be almost zero compared to supermarket products.

Hydroponie maison tour de culture
Hydroponie maison tour de culture

Save water and space

Aeroponic towers have a vertical and compact design. The water is in a closed circuit, no discharge outside during watering. You will be able to grow 24 plants on a single square meter. Whether you live in town, in a building with a balcony, or on the outskirts of town, only one square meter is needed.

The aeroponic towers are delivered with a complete kit to start your first seedlings. The user manual will guide you for the start-up and maintenance of the system throughout the season.

Harness the power of aeroponics:

Benefits of Aeroponic Towers


Increases yields by 30%.

Growing speed

Plants grow 3 times faster.

Water savings

Save up to 98% water.

Nutrient rich crops and reduced workload

The aeroponic towers automatically supply water and nutrients thanks to a pump system and a timer. Again, this technology will require little effort from you to maintain healthy crops. Since the plants are up high, you no longer have to deal with weeds and pests on the ground. Healthy crops thanks to the constant and regular supply of nutrients get much less sick than crops in the ground.

Le kit complet de la tour de culture

Grow fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs all year round!

The Kit includes everything you need to start growing up to 24 plants upon receipt:

  • Packets of seeds to start the first sowing.
  • Supplies for sowing: germination tray, rock wool cubes, vermiculite, basket pots.
  • 2 sections for growing young shoots and mesclun.
  • Pump, timer, drain hose and water controller.
  • 2 bottles of liquid fertilizer suitable for aeroponic growing to dilute.
  • pH test kit and a bottle of pH adjusters.

Growing accessories

Growing medium for climbing plants:

A certain amount of tall fruit-bearing plants, including eggplants, cucumbers and tomatoes, are vines-like climbers. These types of crops generally need support. The tower support grid was designed specifically for this.

With its solid frame, the support grid has been specially designed to allow plants to grow healthily. Its structure prevents the fruits from falling to the ground and provides them with the support they need to grow and become robust.

Tower garden France support de culture
Tower garden France LED de culture interieur

Indoor LED Grow Lights

Want to enjoy fresh, home-grown food no matter the climate or season? Don't have enough space for an outdoor garden? Indoor LED grow lights allow you to easily grow greens, herbs and other non-fruit bearing plants indoors, all year round.

The Indoor LED Grow Lights Kit is rated at 1 Amp, 125 Watts, 120V/60Hz. Assuming you run your grow lights for the recommended minimum of 14 hours per day and your electric provider charges you €0.16 per kWh, the cost of running these lamps is around €8.52 per month.

  • Lightweight lighting system with built-in timer
  • 4 LED lights
  • Electric cord fixing and protection system

Ready to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home?