Evaluate the possibilities of the place

Definition of the need for the structure in which the towers will be installed. They can be used to produce fruits and vegetables or simply for ornamental purposes. The objective is to vegetate an available space to enhance.

Tower farm France

Definition of the size of the towers installation

The towers adapt perfectly to any flat and enclosed outdoor space. The modularity they offer makes it possible to green your spaces according to an upstream study of the constraints and possibilities of the site. A nearby water supply and an electrical connection are necessary to operate the installation.

Vegetaliser une terrasse

Installation and assembly of the Tower Garden.

The installation of the towers begins at the start of the growing season from May. Dismantling is scheduled from September or October depending on the autumn temperatures and the amount of sunshine.

Hydroponie maison

Regular maintenance of the vegetated site, maintenance and monitoring of crops.

Once the towers are installed, I take care of their complete maintenance until the end of the season. You will be able to harvest and enjoy your green space.

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The benefits of hydroponics

ERRA Tower farm potager vertical

Tower Garden for companies

General improvement of the working environment of your teams. 

Végétalisation de l’espace de travail.

Installation of culture towers, on roofs, terraces, balconies, rest areas of the company.

Project to be integrated into the company's CSR initiatives.

The production is eaten by the workging teams.

Improved employer image.

Tour de culture potager maison

Tower Garden for restaurants

Offer the possibility to restaurateurs to grow ultra-fresh products directly at the restaurant.

Improve the setting of the restaurant and the image sent back to customers.

Highlight unused available space.

The cultures are if possible set up at the request of the chef when the climatic conditions allow it.

Promote a sustainable cultivation method adapted to the urban environment in places often devoid of green spaces.

Project to be integrated into the restaurant's CSR initiatives.


Tour de culture hydroponique intérieur terrasse jardin

Your own Tower Garden at home !

Grow your own fruits and vegetables directly in your garden, on your balcony or on your terrace.

The towers adapt to all your surfaces, you will need at least one square meter to make it work.

Watering is automatic, the plants receive the nutrients they need.

We advise you and help you manage your tower, your nutrient solution and your plants by direct exchange, email, or telephone.

User manual provided with the sale of the system to start well and get started in hydroponics.