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Aeroponic Towers

Tour de culture hydroponique intérieur Tower Garden

Grow 30% more, 3 times faster, with 98% less water.

ERRA uses aeroponic tower technology to provide a more sustainable way to grow healthy fruits and vegetables.

With aeroponic towers you can grow healthy, nutrient-rich plants in a cleaner, easier and more efficient way. They feed only with water and minerals present in the tank.


Hydroponics is an alternative to conventional agriculture. With grow towers and setting up Tower Farms, I use an advanced form of hydroponics called aeroponics. In aeroponics, plants are watered by a flow of water droplets. Aeroponic systems use water, liquid mineral nutrients, and a neutral growing medium to quickly and efficiently grow healthier, tastier, and more nutritious plants.

Hydroponic systems are mobile, very easily reproducible on a small or large scale in an urban environment. They allow you to produce on any flat surface, without work.
Hydroponic growing makes it possible to accelerate the growth rate of plants thanks to the constant supply of water and nutrients. Plants do not have the difficulty of getting water from deep in the ground.

Hydroponic growing makes it possible to work independently of rain, weeds, and a large part of the physical constraints of conventional models. It also drastically reduces the risk of invasion by plant-damaging pests. Just as virtuous as permaculture, hydroponics makes it possible to sustainably grow fruits and vegetables all year round.

Tour de culture interieur hydroponie

How it works

Aeroponics tower is a vertical hydroponics system. Thanks to its verticality, the system is compact and energy efficient for a high yield per square meter. A tower can contain up to 44 plants for a single square meter. This corresponds to a saving of 90% of floor space compared to farming in the ground.

One of the downsides of conventional gardening and farming is the amount of work it takes to keep your crops healthy. 

Aeroponic towers simplify the growing and maintenance process making it easier and faster to produce a bountiful and nutritious crop. You will no longer have to work your soil or weed. Aeroponic towers are designed for residential use and also for large-scale commercial fruit and vegetable production, in greenhouses or outdoors.

Fonctionnement tour de culture hydroponie

Plants grow in a neutral substrate

In hydroponics, tower plants grow in neutral substrates such as rockwool or coconut fiber. They provide plant roots with oxygen and constant moisture, promoting rapid and healthy growth. I make all my seedlings in this rock wool before transferring them to the towers.

Soil in cities is very often contaminated with heavy metals, petrochemicals and other pollutants, which can be taken up by plants. Hydroponic above-ground cultivation is a response to this problem specific to cities and large agglomerations.


Potager vertical hydroponie intérieur

They absorb water and nutrients

Aeroponic towers are powered by a nutrient solution that contains the minerals essential for plant development. Nutrients are directly accessible and assimilated by plants, which explains the speed of growth in hydroponics.

The nutrients I use are natural and are specially created for hydroponic systems. They are balanced and allow plants to grow and thrive in the towers.

Well-nourished, healthy plants can better protect themselves from pests and diseases naturally, without pesticides.

Potager vertical hydroponie intérieur

The flow of water by gravity

The reservoir at the base of the aeroponic tower holds the nutrient solution. To feed the plants, the mixture is sent to the top of the tower by a low-powered pump through a small central pipe. The nutrient solution falls by gravity inside the tower, in a cascade, evenly on the roots of the plants.

As the solution flows through the tower, it feeds the roots of the plants and it is oxygenated which promotes root development. Watering is automatic, the plants get exactly what they need. Watering is scheduled regularly throughout the day.


Tour de culture hydroponie Julien Lach

Plants are ready to be harvested from the third week of growing

The speed of the aeroponic tower system makes it possible to have the first harvests from the third week of cultivation, especially for aromatics and leafy vegetables.

These are the most efficient vertical aeroponic systems on the market!