Build your

Tower Farm

Tour hydroponique ERRA

Build your automated Tower Farm with Aeroponic Towers

Your tower farm delivered turnkey !

The minimum order is 10 Towers. With Aeroponic Towers you can grow healthy, nutrient-rich plants in a cleaner, easier and more efficient way. They feed only with water and minerals present in the tank.

Aeroponic tower models for professionals can accommodate up to 52 plants per tower. They are slightly different from the Tower Garden for individuals. You can set up a farm of 10 to over 300 towers, in greenhouses or outdoors, depending on your location.

For more information or a quote, please contact me directly.

Irrigation system

The irrigation system is fully automated. A large central tank coupled with two fertilizer tanks and two Dosatrons will allow you to no longer worry about water or the concentration of fertilizer. Dosing is fully automated thanks to these two dosing pumps.

The aeroponics towers are all interconnected by a network of irrigation tubes that supply each tower individually according to crop needs.

Irrigation Tower Farm France

Seedlings equipments

You will have at your disposal all the material for your sowing.
Seedling trays, spacer trays, vermiculite, rockwool.
All seedlings for Tower Farms are done in rock wool cubes, themselves pre-cut in plates of 98 plants.